• Battery-Housing or BPC (battery pack case) is a component that contains a battery module for an electric vehicle (integration of battery and related parts) in the form of a box. Since it protects the batteries which are vulnerable to external impacts, this component is treated as essential.
  • Metal, aluminum, plastic that involves the SMC method, etc., are used as materials. Aluminum is mainly applied because of its light weight and high heat conductivity based on thermal emission.
Production of welding/assembly automation equipment for battering-housing

01. Top-quality service from method design to equipment production and quality assurance
02. Plenty of experience in multiple welding methods
– MIG, FSW, sealer, POP NUT & BOLT, FDS

Production of upper/lower mass manufacture equipment for battery-housing

01. Design experiences for diverse battery-housing/BPC (Battery Pack Case) methods in domestic/overseas market
02. Top-quality equipment development service based on accumulated method design experiences from an expert company in car body and chassis

Technological co-working for
MIG, FSW, FDS, etc.

Equipment arrangement optimized for mass manufacture quality by collaboration with multiple partner companies experienced in battery-housing production