Employee Welfare

  • SINDOK is always considering satisfactory compatibility between work and family of the executives and employees, and trying to make better differences.

Life at work

Educational support

Support for English learning
Support for job skill training
In-company Library
In-company Academy by Demand

Bonus for individual employee

Presents for birthdays and etc.
(May Day, end of the year, national holidays, company anniversary, etc.)
Present for zero-injury record accomplishment

Comforting work environment

Foot volleyball court, table tennis room, and fitness center
Lounge (equipped with Netflix access, massage chairs, video games, a coffee machine)
Dormitory inside and outside the company, commuter bus
Cafeteria (providing lunch and dinner)

Individual and family satisfaction

Benefits for home

– Loan for employees, monetary support for housing and stable livelihood
– Support for family events (monetary and item support, vacation) by the in-company mutual aid society
– Selective work hours Maternity/paternity leave, parenting leave
– Congratulatory donation for birth or school entrance of children
– Support for the school expenses of children


– Discretionary off-duty (1 day per month)
– Summer vacation (5 days)
– Extra vacation and incentive for long-term employees