SINDOK’s self-reliant and
trustworthy culture is our strength.

Since we have started our business in 1987, we have played a key role in the development of global automobile industry. We are now focusing on becoming the best global company specializing in engineering and automation solution for body in white(BIW) provider in automobile industry.
SINDOK has 30 years long history and was able to develop hightechnical skills, optimum working environment and stable financial condition in the automobile industry. Based on these backgrounds SINDOK has developed many records not only in BIW but also assembly module for global automobile companies.
In addition, based on the management philosophy of respect for human, respect for technology and respect for environment, all of our employees are striving to produce products with the best quality and productivity.
SINDOK’s self-reliant and trustworthy culture is our strength.
The best work environment & commitment of our staffs will make our customers to perfectly satisfy on their project.
SINDOK’s global business would continue to grow with your deepest interest and encouragement.
SINDOK CO.,LTD President